martes, 27 de abril de 2010

Twitter does not tweet me

This post is one of the most difficult for me because I need to write about my experience with Twitter but, what experience? Like I did not have any idea about how to start this text, I saw some of the post of my classmates about the topic. Some of them love this tools and other like me do not feel neither love nor hate (I do not know what it is worst).

I opened my Twitter account approximately two months ago for my Digital Media module. I had listened some thing about this tool, but in that moment, it did not attrack me some much, and I thought that maybe with the use my perception would change, but not!

I have only used it once a week to tweet my classmates with the links of my new posts, but no more. I did not get caught on Twitter like for example with Facebook in which I check my account every minute, maybe because it is more personal.

Twitter can be the best tool to find information in a special moment about proffesional and personal issues, because you can receive answers of different parts of the world in only few seconds, but I think that it is not the best tool to communicate with other people because you have limmits in the number of words and if you do not how to use the tags, your message will be lost.

During the course I have tried to convince myself about the usefulness of Twitter to develop public relations campaigns, but nobody in class could show me one good example of that, so if I was an organization I would have a Twitter account only for having corporate information and tweet news about the company, but I would not use it to launch a public relation campaign.

Sorry blue bird, but I can not listen your tweets!!!

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  1. I understand you!! And I agree that facebook is more personal and you do not think so much about what to post and if you should or not! But perhaps this is only because we are more familiarised with it and you know your contacts. Twitter is more anonymoulsy and you follow people you don't know. However, I think we could use it more for networking in PR and communication issues, building contacts to practitioners and experts by follow them. And the more we follow and read, the more we can use it as an helpful tool. So, twitter may be more a professional network and facebook more for friends. As a last thought: Perhaps we will use it more when we are in our jobs and are more self-confidently with PR in general.

  2. Hello there :)

    I respect your feelings on Twitter, but I disagree. Look at the PR campaign Obama had with Twitter. It was such a great success! There are so many others.
    Also, you said that if you were an organisation, you would create a Twitter account, just to tweet news about your company. My opinion is if you are only going to be tweeting away about your organisation, and you have no intention to engage with your followers, there is really no point. It's good to use it and listen to what people have to say about your organisation, and you'll only get that through engaging and listening.
    I agree that it's harder to get used to it, and it's not 'as easy' as Facebook, but once you use it, you'll get the hang of it.
    As for the 140 character, don't forget that you can post links to your tweets, and there are also link shorteners! :)

  3. Twitter is a tool, and within two years there will be another. it is clear that the character limit means that the views are just that, without going further comments. The advantage is that since the mobile phone you can enter the data you want to post and appear instantly. For businesses, corporations need to make continuous changes and want to know the views of users on a topic or who leave the comet as it is good, but there are other network tools which give more versatility.