lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Google Analytics, one of my best friends

If the last week it was compulsory to write a post about Twitter, this week we have to write about another tool, Google Analytics. Last week maybe I was very hard with the blue bird, but it was my personal experience, however this week I have a very good opinion about how Google Analytics can help to the Public Relations career.

This tool offers a lot of possibilities to measure the efectiveness of a digital campaign to the PR practitioners: who looks your website, where the person is from, when he looks the website, what post had more visits and why the person accessed to the website (directly or not), moreover than how long the person visited the website (the 5 Ws of the journalists). Like you could see in the video tour about Google Analytics, you can have in your desk different information and graphs about data of your website.

This new tool, not only offers new possibilities to PR people to measure the effectiveness of a social media campaign, they could also offer a new service to the clients, monitoring. With both of these services, the PR agency could make changes at the moment or maybe, wait for the future to get better the campaign.

On the other hand, I think that it is important to say that this tool is free for everyone, so maybe, some small companies or organizations could obtain results of their campaigns by themselves without spend any money, since they only need to know how they have to introduce the code.

Google Analytics is my big discovery of the module of digital media and I hope that it can help me as a PR practitioner in the future.

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  1. I agree with your point about it being particularly beneficial due to the fact that it is free. I think this as well as Statcounter should form the components of an essential tool kit for small business websites. As we have discovered for ourselves – it’s not too difficult to set up and the returns are brilliant.