miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

My work experience as a PR practitioner

This video shows like it was my first work experience as a public relations practitioner in one communication agency in Madrid.

These kind of situations happened to me everyday: do the work of other people, work a lot of extra hours, do not have time to eat, a bad salary, etc., but unfortunately it was not only my case, the majority of my friends suffered the same.

I hope that you like the video and be strong to survive in the jungle of the work experience as a public relations!!!

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  1. Indeed the work of an account exec can be "boring" at first as you only deal with data bases, calling people and so on. I think these are the steps one should take in order to "grow up". I used to work on data bases and follow-up with journalists and at some point got sick of it. Nonetheless as time passes by there are so many interesting things execs come cross so the "boredom" at the beginning of the road is worth it. You then become senior, then manager, then director...and the responsibilities change and things get "better":)The extra hours and not having time to eat can be an issue sometimes. However a PR job is a "non-stop" job. The PR pro can be waken up in the middle of the night if a crisis emerges. So dear Maria, patience is the key:)

  2. No matter what job you get, you have to work your way up. It is no longer a fact that once you graduate that you'll get a managerial job straight away - especially in these tough financial times.

    Your video is interesting as it will give people an insight of how PROs work and how quickly you have to do tasks. I agree with Ralu, that you have to be patient. Sometimes, it is better if your boss has gone through the same experience as you - they'll hopefully be more understanding!

  3. I am not sure they are more understanding, Clare. On contrary, they are more demanding because they think if they did it, you should do it to:)

  4. I like your video. It’s very in keeping with the general theme of your blog – humour peppered with cynicism.

    Doing internships is something we all have to do in order to get that vital work experience but I hear you – they do just take the mic. Internships have become like institutionalised slavery, it’s no longer a case of being seen as a proactive person for going out there and gaining experience it’s now just become the expected.

    People from my parents' generation just can’t understand working for 6 weeks without pay.

  5. Relating to your video we should really enjoy the last weeks of our study time!!
    In the poition of the (poor) Maria in the video I would propse my boss to establish a Social Media Newsroom! That saves a lot of time, press releases can be published there and all the different media contact persons can access it on their own! What an advantage!!

  6. I agree that the PR job is difficult and demanding. But as Clare said, every job is difficult nowadays. If you're not being called by people in the middle of night, you are looking at numbers. I think the public agencies are the only ones that have specific working hours and respect them, at least in my country. All my friends working in private sector are complaining about the extra hours.