viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010

Was it a real press conference?

Three months after the car accident, Tiger Woods did his first press conference to speak about the sexual scandal, is it not a lot of time of waiting? I think that it would be better after the hospital to speak with the media and say the thruth, because in theses three months the journalists only received rumours and wrote about speculations and the lovers´stories of Tiger. Would be better attack the theme in the first days?

In the press conference Tiger did not allow questions and only three wire reporters were in the room. Is it a real press conference or only a speech? In think that he lost a good opportunity to finish this theme because, is it better receive these kind of questions in his first appearance in a golf court?

After looking the video of the press conference several times, it seems like a speech of a politician, everything is too prepare, I can not see any feelings. For me, it was only his firts step to come back to a golf court, starting with the appearance again in the media and trying to achieve new sponsors and recover old ones, promising that he will be the perfect sportman, husband, father, son, etc., again, this that the companies want to their image.

Is this a good example of how to behave in a crisis case? For me definitely no.

Picture: Mundo52

2 comentarios:

  1. I have to agree with you. It was very scripted and the audience were vetted, so no one could ask Tiger any hard questions.

    It was also bad timing as it clashed with a golf charity function, which was now overshadowed by Tiger's extra-curricular activities. Which I'm sure his golfing colleagues were angry about.

    In my opinion, I think it was too early for Tiger to make a statement like that, especially when he is still ongoing rehab treatment. It was a mistake by his publicist team.

  2. I bet that his publicist team didn't think about the issue “promiscuity" in advance in the issues management plan... But once that his reputation was unavoidably dropping they probably took a radical decision, not to resolve the crisis but at least to stop the bleeding of the harmful news: Tiger Woods is suffering a disease, he is "sex addicted". The time will decide if Mr Woods recover his reputation as a "product" and how all his team design a proper plan.