jueves, 18 de marzo de 2010

Twitter´s @anywhere

This week thousand of technology websites and blogs published the news about the new project of Twitter, @anywhere.

On Tuesday 16th, Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter, presented this new application during "South by Southwest Interactive Conference", in Texas.

This new service allows to the users write their comments in Twitter without enter inside the program, otherwise while they are connected to other web sites like YouTube, eBay, The New York Times or Amazon, they can leave their comments. Moreover, this application allows to the users to see information about one person or company which has a Twitter account, without leaving the web sites that they are visiting, when they put their mouse on the link, a pop-up will open and they can see information about this link, like for example, the last "tweets" of one account, Williams explained that with one example.

This new application of Twitter is an example that the social media continue to advance and not everything is just done.

Picture: http://www.muyinternet.com/

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  1. the old adage that life is all invented here, of course not satisfied. When talking about technology to fantastic illusion worthy of a science fiction movie can come true. And is that every time the line between reality and fiction is finer. This new application of Twiter is just a small sample of what awaits us and hopefully that is to make life easier.